Wild Horse Western was originally opened in April of 2012.  After months of praying, weighing the pros and cons of starting our own business and trying to figure out how in the world we could even make this work, my husband and I finally agreed to just go for it! 

We were both working full time jobs and I had been "moonlighting" as a independent distributor for a jewelry company for several months.  We couldn't afford to dive in head first with this dream so we decided it would be best to start slowly and see how things went.  I transformed our basement into a full blown retail store, we were open one day a week for customers to come and shop at their convenience and any other night of the week if someone called and wanted to pop in!

Our Facebook page was instrumental in the success of our store, it gave me the opportunity to reach so many people outside of our tiny little town.  I spent countless hours uploading pictures of our inventory, doing nightly sales and filling and shipping orders so they could go out the following day!  Things were going great, I was able to add more and more companies to our product line and offer our customers a variety including clothing, boots, jewelry, accessories and some home d├ęcor items.  We were excited to see things progressing and people were starting to talk about our store, we decided the next step was to go on the road.  We began traveling with our store in November of that year, we would pack our horse trailer full of as much as we could get in there and set up just about anywhere!  Rodeos, horse shows, church fundraisers and local festivals were now our weekend routine.  A lot of work yes, but man was it worth it!  We were able to meet so many great people and spread the word about our new store. 

By the middle of 2014 we were ready to take the next step, a property in our hometown came up for sale, it was the perfect location for the future Wild Horse Western.  The building process was so much fun, we were able to design and hand pick every inch of our store. 

 Fast forward to today, its August of 2015, we have officially been open for one month.  Our Grand Opening was a huge success!  The store was filled with customers, family and friends that have supported us from day one, without each and every one of you this dream would not be possible!  It still feels unreal to think about where we were a few short years ago, we have so much more that we want to accomplish but I feel like we are on the right track!  I hope that with the launch of our very own website we will be able to expand even more, giving us the chance to reach so many more of you! 

We hope you love all that we have to offer and want to thank each of you for taking the time to hear our story, hopefully if you are ever in western Kentucky you will stop in and check out our store!